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Japanese Cho-kei News Features Balen Shah , See what it writes


Chu-Kei news is a regional economic newspaper in the Chubu region of Japan that focuses on the Tokai four prefectures Aichi, Gifu, Mie, and Shizuoka. They are are working on various projects to contribute to the economic development of the Chubu region, such as publishing publications such as the Chubu Business Yearbook.

The article about Mayor Balen Shah was published on February 9 2023. This newspaper article has been viral over the nepali social media . Many people has been curious to know what might have written. One of our Japanese Translator has translated this article and the summary of article are 

Headline : Rapper of Billion People to Mayor of Nepal's Capital City 

This short article highlights the struggle of Mayor Balen Shah to solve the existing issues and politics on garbage management problems. Newspaper captions the garbage picture with Intermediate Waste treatment plant in Kathmandu City. Collect unsorted plastic bottles and metals that can be used . Wild dogs, birds, and insects littered the garbage, creating the foul order. 

It further describes about how Kathmandu city is founded by Monju Bodhisattva when a man appeared in the former royal palace filled with sculptures based on the legend of gods, a crowd of citizens gathered to catch a glimpse of him. At the end Article also has complimented the appearance of Balen Shah (Trademark Black Suit & T-Shirt). Balen used to raise voice against malpractices, corruption & bad culture through the means of Rap song but now he has been hardly dedicated in solving the garbage issue of the city.

 Real Article : Read Here

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