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Who is Rinkiya & who is her papa. Here's the fact about the song

Most of us have listened to a epic bhojpuri song Rinkiya ke papa accidentally or intentionally. This Bhojpuri song is becoming more and more famous these days. Latest cover of this song done by nigerian singer went viral again. But many of us are still confused what does the song mean ? who is rinkiya ? & who is her father & what is the motto of the song. You laugh at the lyrics and grin your teeth while you dance on the floor. Ever since the introduction of Bhojpuri songs, in every party and wedding bash, the DJ is bugged to the core by drunk AF audience to play that epic ‘Hihihi has delen Rinkiya ke papa’.This song is from Manoj Tiwari's Album: Uparwali Ke Chakkar Mein, Singer: Manoj Tiwari Mridul, Music Director: Dhananjay Mishra,Lyricist: Manoj - Prabhu Nath, Music Label : T-Series
Fact about the song 
Rinkiya is the fictitious character created by lyricist. He has also mentioned other's name but Rinkiya is the main character.
Here’s what Rinkiya ke papa song actually means:
Chat deni maar deli khich ke tamacha Hihi hihi hans delen
- Chatt!! she slapped him hard, Hi hi hi laughed out loud
Sunila ki marad ka na naaw lihal jala x2 
Enke bina naaw lihale kucho na kahala x2
-I have heard that you shouldn’t call your husband by his name x2 But when it comes to her, she always calls her husband by his name x2
Naaw leke kaheli ki chai do jara sa x2
 She calls out her husband by his name and asks to go make a little tea for her.

 Therefore this song is used to satire wife who calls her husband by his name, get's angry in little things & sometimes very romantic.He has presented this song very well even though it seem's very funny . Rinkiya's father laugh is highlighted to make song more interesting . Nowadays 'Rinkiya ke papa' line is sticked in everyone's lips.

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