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Register your personal PAN easily from home online, No more problem for share trading

Nepse has shown a hint that they are practicing to start compulsary PAN number requirement on share trading. Many people are seen on panic but its not hard to get your PAN number. You just need internet connection and photo of your citizenship card.Here's how you register for PAN online. REGISTRATION FOR PERSONAL PAN
1.0 Application for registration This p art is to be done by applicant (Taxpayer).
1.1 To apply for Personal PAN Registration(PPAN)person must use IRD website (www.ird.gov.np) and select Taxpayer Portal.
1.2 Click on Taxpayer Portal link to display Taxpayer Portal Menu.
1.3 In the subsequent Taxpayer Portal menu,click on '+' sign beside 'Registration for (PAN,VAT,EXCISE)to expand the menu
1.4 Click on Application for Registration option in the menu.Following screen will be displayed
1.5 It is necessary to obtain a submission number for each application. This submission number serves as identif ication number for application. Fill in necessary information in screen
1.6 After filling up all the forms you can save information and wait for the response from inland revenue & remember you need to keep your username, submission number and password safe.

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  1. this news does not give a complete process and procedure! i did submit my online application, and then I don´t know what should i do now, and how will i get PAN card

    1. Submisson number username ra password use garera check garnuhola

    2. will you please mention from where we can check

  2. Can we fill up form again after submitting the one? After submission i found mistake

  3. when i try to save information it says error value too large.what should i do

  4. Can please someone give me a complete procedure

  5. When I tried to save online personal information in PAN registration Form, I got Error message "The Value Too large" what does it mean? Can any one help me. Thanks