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Coaches Performance of Nepal National Team in last decades (2011-2021). See Who has a better stats

Nepal National Team has changed a lot since last decades. Nepal used to have a goal drought for 2 years but nowadays they are scoring goals in each games. Not only players but the performance of a team also depends upon the coach and its Football Assosiation. Lets see the statistics of Coach of Nepal from 2011-2021.

 1. Grahm Roberts (2011-2012) : Former England National Team & Tottenham Hostpur's Defender Grahm Roberts is one of the name that a Nepali Football Fans Never Forget . The defensive lineup of Nepal was solid during the era of Grahm Roberts. Nepal just conceeded 1 goal against North Korea in 2011 AFC Challenge cup qualifiers, North Korea had played 2010 world cup but still Nepal Managed to maintain low scoreline due to solid defensive gameplay. Another mesmerizing moment of Grahm Roberts was a thrilling 1-1 draw against highly ranked team Jordan at Dashrath Stadium. Nepal scored 5-0 goal against Timor Leste  with a aggregate score of 7-1 in world cup qualifier. Grahm Roberts resigned in 2012 after a 3-0 defeat with Turkmenistan in AFC Challenge Cup.

Stat highlights

Total Goals Scored : 13
Total Conceeded : 26
Highest FIFA Ranking : 135 (Sept 11 2011)
Biggest Win : Nepal 5-0 Timor Leste
Biggest Loss : Jordan 9-0 Nepal 
Major Tournament won : N/A

2. Jack Stefanowski (2013-2015) : Jack Stefanowski is a Polish-American football manager who was appointed as a Nepal National Head Coach in Jan 7 2013 after the departure of Grahm Roberts. During his tenure Nepal defeated India 2-1 in a thrilling match at Dashrath Stadium and reached semifinal of SAFF Championship. Jack included young talents like Bimal Gharti Magar, Anjan Bista & Ananta Tamang in Nepal National Team. Jack Stefanowski is also one of the effective coach who improved gameplay of Nepal after Grahm Roberts and he promoted youth players . His bitter moment with Nepal national team was a devastating 1-0 loss against Afghanistan in SAFF Championship 2013 semifinal where kiran chemjong slips ball from hands and concedes goal and then Rohit Chand misses penalty twice at last moment of the game . And the best moment was a Huge 6-0 win against Northern Mariana Island. 

Stat Highlights 

Total Goals Scored : 11
Total Conceeded : 19
Highest FIFA Ranking : 159
Biggest Win : Nepal 6-0 Northern Mariana Island
Biggest Loss :Phillipines 3-0 Nepal
Major Tournament won : N/A

3. Patrick Aussems (2015-2016) : Patrick Aussems from Belgium Managed Nepal for very short term. During his tenure Nepal Appeared in SAFF Championship in 2015 and eliminated from the group stage. He didnt had impressive record for Nepal. 

Stat Highlights 
Total Goals Scored : 1
Total Conceeded : 6
Biggest Win : No win
Biggest Loss : India 4-1 Nepal
Major Tournament won : N/A

4. Gyotuki Koji (2016-2018) : Gyotuki Koji was Japanese coach who managed Nepal National Team for 2 years starting from March 2016. Gyotuki Koji led Nepal to win first ever AFC Level tournament i.e AFC Solidarity Cup without a loss which created history in Nepali Football. After the frustating loss in 2015 SAFF Gyotuki revived Nepal by winning AFC Level Tournament. 

Stat Highlights 

Total Goals Scored : 10
Total Conceeded : 16
Biggest Win : Nepal 3-0 Bruinei
Biggest Loss : Phillipines 4-1 Nepal
Major Tournament won : AFC Solidarity Cup 

5. Bal Gopal Maharjan : (2016-2016, 2018-2018, 2020-2021): ANFA used to appoint Bal Gopal Maharjan as a substitute coach from time to time. But Bal Gopal proved his worth and showed ANFA that even Nepali Coach can lead team to the success. During Bal Gopal Maharjan's tenure Nepal won a International tournament after 23 years. Nepal won 2016 Bangabandhu Gold cup in Bangladesh. U-19 SAFF Championship in 2019 , Gold Medal in 2019 SAG games held in Nepal & Tri-Nations Cup in 2021. Bal Gopal has far better statistics than many of the foreign coaches. Nepal reached SAFF 2018 semifinal under Bal Gopal Maharjan.

Stat Highlights 

Total Goals Scored : 17
Total Goals Conceded :14
Biggest Win : Nepal 4-0 Bhutan
Biggest Loss : Maldives 3-0 Nepal
Major Tournament Won : Bangabandhu Gold Cup, SAG Games 2019, Tri-Nations Cup 2021

6. Johan Kalin (2019-2020 ) : Johan Kalin came into limelight after he managed A division club Machhindra in 2013-14 and led them to 2nd Position with average players. He was appointed Nepal's coach in 2019 to lead Nepal for 2022 FIFA world cup qualification. But due to tough group he was unable to present good game and had just 8% win rate. During FIFA world cup qualification Nepal got a heavy defeat against Kuwait and Australia in 2019 first round of group stage. 

Stat Highlights 
Total Goal Scored : 3
Total Goals Conceded : 23
Biggest win : Nepal 2-0 Chinese Taipei
Biggest Loss : Kuwait 7-0 Nepal
Major Tournament won : N/A

7. Abdullah Almutairi (2021-Present) : Abdullah Almutairi's entry in Nepali football was controversial as he left out some familiar face in National Team. He also bashed Nepali media with an aggressive interview. But when he fielded Nepali team in stadium the gameplay was so much impressive. Nepal played attacking football against strong team. Long ball playing Nepal started counter attacking football and scored against strong team Iraq in the first game played under Almutairi.
Under Almutairi Nepal recently played SAFF championship 2021 and reached final for the first time ever in the history of the tournament. Almutairi introduced young talent like Ayush Ghalan & Manish Dangi who displayed brilliant performance in SAFF 2021. Almutairi has huge Nepali Football fan folowing due to his dedication towards the development of Nepali Players & National Team. Nepal scored 8 goals in single year as in previous year Nepal struggled hard to score . 

Stat Highlights 
Total Goals Scored : 8 
Toal Goals Conceded : 22
Biggest Win : Nepal 2-0 Chinese Taipei 
Biggest Loss : Iraq 6-2 Nepal 
Major Tournament Won : N/A

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