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Why Neetesh Jung Kunwar Quitted Music Industry ?


Popular Youth Singer Neetesh Jung Kunwar has decided to conclude musical journey. Neetesh got hype from song 'Aasma' and got more attention from the song 'Hamro Nepal Ma'. After that most of his song crossed Million+ views. 


Neetesh Jung Kunwar has declared his conclusion by writing a post in facebook.

"Dear friends,As I believe my Nepali music journey has come to Conclusion, I wanna thank you all for this amazing rollercoaster ride. 🙏🏼Stay Healthy and Be Humble."


 After this post the comment section was overwhelmed with the response of his fans. Some people responded that he will come with new album 'conclusion'. Some said that there is no place for good singer like Neetesh in Nepali music industry. Some critics also said that its just a 'publicity stunt'. Most of the fans were very sad to hear this from their idol.

Neetesh was so inspirational in most of his interview. He use to talk about life more than music in talk shows. Neetesh has not yet revealed the real reason behind this decision. But we can predict that he was a bit frustated in recent days and might be he needs some time to bounce back. Neetesh might reveal the real reason very soon as it is not possible to hide such a huge decision & also the fans are waiting to know the real reason for this decision. Also it would be very hard for Neetesh Jung Kunwar to be far from Nepali music industry as he had a glorious moment in this industry. Therefore we can also expect a comeback of Neetesh Jung Kunwar in coming days. 

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