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Seto Surya Prasied by World's Best Selling Writer, Here's way to watch it online if you havent watched yet


One of the World's most popular and Best Selling Writer, Paulo Coelho has tweeted and said that he liked the movie Nepali film Seto Surya and also asked Nepal's Popular Writer Buddhi Sagar to Congratulate the director Deepak Rauniyar.

In the movie White Sun (Seto Surya) Anti-regime partisan Chandra confronts physical, social and political obstacles for his father's funeral. His search for a solution takes him to neighboring mountain villages and encounters with the police and rebel guerrillas. A portrait of post-civil war Nepal during the fragile deadlocked peace process.

 Ways to watch Seto Surya (White Sun)

Seto Surya (White Sun) is currently not available in Nepali major online movie platforms yet. But still it can be watched online. 

Legally Seto Surya is Available in Amazon Prime Video US and geologically restricted in Nepali territory.Recommended to use VPN and get access if you have a Amazon Prime Account.

If its not possible to watch it on Amazon then there are 3rd party sites where White Sun is available.

Its available in 1337x torrent website as White Sun & its size is 1.7 GB. It is also available in pirates bay but its very hard to download due to lack of seeders.

 Here's The trailer of the movie :

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