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Suspended players apologizes & appeals ANFA to decrease suspension !

Bimal Gharti Magar, Anjan Bista, Dinesh Rajbangshi and Santosh Tamang has realized their mistake and has appealed ANFA to decrease suspension. They gave application to ANFA on Monday and promised that they will never repeat such mistake again and they also apologized their mistake that was done previously. Now ANFA will discuss this matter in a special committee and give the decision.

Bimal,Anjan,Dinesh & Santosh were suspended as they skipped the closed camp and went to Bar just a day before departing to Bhutan for the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers which looks normal mistake but its a huge offence as it hampers the fitness of the player and it could be very costly for a team who is playing world cup qualifiers. Anjan & Santosh were banned for 45 whereas Bimal & Dinesh were banned for 90 days. Many people and media criticized for this long term suspension. Now ANFA is likely to decrease suspension as players has realized their mistake. Anjan's absense was noticeable during SAG Games but Bimal's absence was forgetten due to the magical performance of Abhishek Rijal. Nepali fans are also in favour of decreasing the suspension and they are eager to see players back in action.
Source :from various Newspapers

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