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Nepal wins highest ever number of Gold Medal in the history of SAG

13th SAG Medal tally of Nepal reaches 34 Gold Medals and its highest ever medal won by Nepal in the history of SAG and still 5 days left to finish the SAG game 2019. The highest ever gold medal won by Nepal was in SAG 1999 securing the second position for the first time in the history. Most of the time Nepal used to finish second last in SAG tally but this year for the first time in the history Nepal is giving the tough competition to the tally leader India. Nepal can still increase its Medal from Men's football, Womens football, swimming, cycling etc . The following are the medal record of nepal in previous SAG.
The Historical Stats of Nepal are as follows
2019 : 34 Gold * & counting
2016 : 3 Gold Medals
2010:  8 Gold Medals
2006:  15 Gold Medals
2004:  7 Gold Medals
1999:  32 Gold Medals(2nd Position)
1995: 4 Gold Medals
1993: 1 Gold Medals
1991: 2 Gold Medals
1989: 1 Gold Medals
1987: 2 Gold Medals
1985: 1 Gold Medals
1984: 4 Gold Medals

Latest Update and gold medalist :  https://www.sandeshsilwal.com.np/p/sag-2019-update.html

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