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Bhutan reaches final of ongoing SAG creating history ! Know the reason for this performance

South Asia's weakest side Bhutan who always used to finish in the bottom of the table in most of the South Asian games has created the history in 13th SAG and reached the final by winning three games.They defeated Srilanka today by 3-0. Bhutan have never reached the final of SAG football before and neither they have won three games in any SAG or SAFF competitions. The best record before for Bhutan in SAG was in 2004 edition where they reached semifinal luckily just by scoring 1 points in a group. If Nepal draw or loose against Bangladesh tomorrow then Bhutan will be advancing to final as a group leader.

Bhutan just lost one game in ongoing SAG against Host Nepal and won aginst Mighty Maldives, Bangladesh and Srilanka. Theyare likely to face Nepal in final of the SAG Football and will be trying to create history by winning Gold medal in football for the first time in history. Bhutan have just won just 2 Gold medals in the history of SAG and this year they can make 3 by defeating Host Nepal or Bangladesh but its not an easy task somehow they will be giving thier 100% effort . And also it will be their 1st gold or silver medal in ongoing 13th edition of SAG.

Possible reason for Bhutan's outstanding performance in this Edition
First of all Bhutan's government has increased the budget for sports in recent fiscal years and the government of Bhutan is focused on developing sports and infrastructure required for sports. Secondly Bhutanese played were so much dedicated and improved than previous days. They looked very confident and also a bit lucky in this edition. And finally Host country Nepal is very favorable place for Bhutan to play as Nepal is geographically closer to Bhutan and culture also matches to some extent. The weather in Bhutan and Nepal are also almost same so Bhutan might have played comfortably but we can't deny the fact that Bhutan players have gave excellent efforts to win the game and they played excellent game against Srilanka. But now the final will be tough challenge for them.

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