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Is Paras Khadka searching for his alternatives ? These players might be possible captain for Nepal

In recent interview with Dekhapadhi Online Paras Khadka gave a hint that he might retire from Nepal National Cricket Team after two years. Nepal got historical success during the period of Paras Khadka. Nepal was qualified for T-20 World Cup 2014. He played very important role from upgrading Nepal from division 5 to Division 1. Paras Khadka is already a legend in the history of Nepali cricket.
Now Paras khadka said he has reached the limitation and he is trying to build the new leadership. 31 years Paras Khadka made Dipendra Singh Airee Vice-Captain in the recent Tri-Series tournament but was not that impressive in the tournament. Paras Khadka scored first ever international t20 century and created history. Since 2004 Paras is serving national cricket team and now he is in maturity phase of his career. Since there is less years left for paras to serve National team fololowing are the capable player to become captain

Dipendra Singh Airee
Recently Dipendra Singh Airee has given responsibility of Vice Captain in Singapore Tri-Series 2019 as Gyanendra Malla was not selected for the team. This step  shows that  Skipper Paras Khadka has belief on Dipendra Singh Airee and in few years we might see Dipendra Singh Airee as a captain of National Team if he performs better in coming days.

Sompal Kami
The fast bowler of Nepal is also capable to serve national team as a captain. Sompal is a bowler but he does wonderful batting whenever team Nepal requires. Many times he have prooved that he is not only a good bowler but also a great batsman when team needs him the most. So having these capabilities will drag him to the candidate of captain.

Aarif Seikh
One of the good batsmen and fielder of Nepal National Team Aarif Sheikh have performed well in many of the matches and stands strong in candidate of captaincy.

Sagar Pun 
The young talent who was out from Nepal National team for more than year is back from injury and he is ready to serve the nation. If he does wonderful comeback then he could be given the responsibility of capatain.

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