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Best Three Creative Nepali Ads this Year (with video)

Business firms are growing in Nepal daily. They are using aggressive marketing strategies to attract the customers. Advertisement is  the most effective marketing tool for business. Facebook,TV,Newspaper ads are widely used tools by Nepali companies. They are spending millions of money in advertisement and marketing but most of them have failed to make a creative advertisement and they end up making a senseless ads or aggressive ad by hiring a celebrity.They have very poor content or simple content which only covers the appreciation of the product.

But nowadays Nepali companies are making very creative ads. Recent ads of three companies have proved that even a Nepali company can make a ad with beautiful content without hiring a big celebrities and which does not limits to advertisement only but also a emotion. Among three recent creative ads two ads ie ad of wai wai & ad of united cement went viral over the internet whereas the ad of fonepay also got lots of appreciation from the people. The top three creative and also emotional ads of this year are:
3. Fonepay "Time to Teach back" Ad
Nepal rastriya bank's policy is heading towards growing the cashless transactions and fonepay network is playing very important role in the cashless transaction. In the ad of fonepay ad an old generation father doesnot know how to use the mobile banking app and ask his son to teach him. But his son gets angry and irritated when father ask him to teach mobile banking app he leaves without teaching. Later he remembered how his father teached him to ride cycle,play guitar etc without getting bothered and gets emotional. Son (Najir Hussain) returns home and teaches his father. Everyone in the house becomes emotional.

2. Wai Wai "Banau Adarsha Nagarik" ad (Chaupadi version)
This ad also went viral over the internet. Chaupadi is practice in which girls are not allowed to enter the house during menstrual cycle.In this ad father feeds wai wai to his daughter who is in her menstrual cycle without any hesitation. The background voice used in this ad is very inspirational and emotional.

1. United Cement "Aashish" Ad
This ad not only make us emotional but this ad also give goosebumps in some moments.The title given to this ad is 'Aashish'. A children request his grandfather not to give blessings of 'Thulo Bhayes' as his father and his father's brother were separated when they became big. So the children doesnot want's to separate from his brother as a result he request his grandfather. Video is at the last section of this article.

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