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Australia vs Nepal game,Will GIO Stadium Canberra be full of Nepalese Fans ?

Nepal will face Australia  in upcoming FIFA world cup 2022 qualifier match in October 10 at 2:15 PM NST. It would be very tough for Nepal to survive the mighty Australian team. This game will be played in GIO Stadium Canberra which is the home ground of Australia but there won't be lack of support for team Nepal in Australia as huge number of Nepali students and citizens are residing in Australia and most of them have already bought the ticktes for this match.Lots of sections of Stadium is already houseful. Due to large number of Nepalese supporters in Australian Stadium it will be very much interesting match.
Nepal is placed in group B along with Australia, Jordan, Kuwait & Chinese Taipei . 4 teams in the group have same point whereas Chinese Taipei is unable to open an account.
Will GIO Stadium Canberra be full of Nepalese Fans ?
We can easily predict that there will be large number of Nepalese fans but is it possible to fill the whole stadium with most of the Nepalese Supporters ? It is difficult as there are crazy football fans of Australia but its not impossible. The capacity of GIO stadium is 25,000 and the population of Nepalese in Australia according to 2011 census is 62,000 and its 2019 so we can expect even more populations. Nepalese in Australia are very much excited for this match and most of people are uploading the bought tickets in their Facebook & Insta stories. Being far from home and getting chance to watch Nepal's match live is very rare also Nepali people are so much patriotic and crazy in sports so it is legit to expect stadium filled with large 2/3 amount of Nepalese Fans.

It will be proud moment if huge amount Nepali crowd joins the stadium and it will also benifit Nepali players which will prevent them to play panicked game.The section 1,2,3,7,8,11,14,16,57,59,64,72,74,75,76,77,78 & 79 of GIO Stadium is already houseful before 15 days. 70 ANFA Officials will be attending the Nepal-Australia match in october 10. So let's see what will be the scenario of October 10.

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