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Know about Fair Usage Policy (FUP) in Nepali ISP , your unlimited internet is not really unlimited.

Few years back there used to be volume based broadband internet in Nepal. Internet service provider used to provide  internet service in volume basis for eg. 100Gb pack of 10Mbps & after the limitation is reached the speed would be reduced to 1Mbps or less. But later telecommunication authority requested ISP's not to limit the internet so most of the ISP provider removed the volume based service. 
Now most of the ISP's in Nepal provides Fiber based FTTH unlimited internet services for home user & enterprise plan for offices. Though the ISP's say that the service is unlimited but there is terms & conditions set by them that is FUP (Fair Usage Policy) which is clearly mentioned in the Terms & condition section of any broucher's, advertisement & webpages. FUP is the same idea of volume based internet limiting the internet after certain limitation is reached but the difference is they set limitations far which we will discuss below in detail. Many of the people are confused

Why ISP's Implement FUP ?
Some small numbers of heavy or excessive users on unlimited data plans take up all the bandwidth, slowing down the network and connection that is shared for everyone else. Recent data analytics has shown that 5% of the top heavy users consumes in excess of 40% of overall ISP bandwidth. This "Fair Usage Policy" is here to give us an option that if your usage is excessive over a period of time to the point it is impacting on other users experience, then we reserve the right to ask you to reduce your broadband usage. 

How does FUP Work ?
Sometimes we might wonder why our internet is damn too slow but for other it work's fine which may be due to FUP policy. Most of the big ISP provider of Nepal like Worldlink, Vianet, Classic Tech, Subisu, etc have Fair Usage Policy (FUP). It is implemented only in home based internet services.
 Let's see how it works :
Taking Vianet as reference if a user of 40Mbps bandwidth exceeds more than 650 GB volume within a month then at first vianet will reduce the bandwidth to 1st level ie reduced to 12Mbps and again after limiting to 12 Mbps the user exceeds 750GB then they will reduce the speed to 2nd level ie 2Mbps even after that the user keeps on exceeding the limit ie 800GB or more ISP will reduce more speed but no need to worry this usage will automatically resets in following month. Other ISP's also use almost same method in FUP with few volume updown's.
So if you are a streamer or high data user then you need to upgrade the pack to enterprise level.

How to Overcome or Prevent FUP ?
Once we got hit by FUP then it cant be removed in same month so only option is to use internet in low bandwidth & wait for another month. If we only use internet for purpose like youtube, facebook, instagram, web surfing, blogging, etc we will never exceed the limit. But purpose like high graphic online gaming, streaming, large file downloads , large number of users etc can lead us to get FUP strike. So ISP's provides us service to view our usage in the customer portal from where we can track our daily,monthly & weekly data usage easily. So if you are high data user and dont want FUP restrictions then you should change your package to enterprise plan.
Share this so that everyone will get to know about FUP and use internet wisely

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