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From astrologer to lead actor, did harihar predicted his future ?

Harihar Adhikari is a young astrologer who used to run a show in Kantipur TV named Marga Darshan. This good looking astrologer was able to win the hearts of many people & also attracted youths in astrology. He is graduate from SIKKIM MANIPAL UNIVERSITY. He used to suggest people. He was featured in various talk shows after he got famous from Marga darshan. He also worked in Himalayan Telivision for few years.
And now he has entered into nepali film industry. He is now a lead actor of movie Subha Love. His movie's title song Subha Love has crossed more than 6 Lakhs views in a week & getting good responses. His acting skills are left to be reviewed as trailer of the movie has not been released yet. Film's release date has been fixed in 15th of Chaitra. He might have choosen what will favour him in future as he is an astrologer himself. Many people are raising question that will the astrologer fulfill the gap of acting that are lacked by nepali actors. Other veteran actors like Saroj Khanal, Rajaram poudel are also featured in this movie. Many people are awaiting for movie to see the acting of young astrologer as his looks are awesome in title song.

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