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Well-known artists reacted to VTEN's incident, see their reactions

Emerging Nepali rapper Samir Ghising aka VTEN again got attacked in pokhara. This is the second time that he got hit by fan . Previously he was attacked by fans in chitwan concert. This time he got hit by stone in a new year eve concert 2019 at Pokhara. He was speaking few lines but suddenly got hit by fans from the crowd. Then VTEN got angry and became aggresive but the organiser convinced him.According to organiser the man who hit stone was caught by police . VTEN then became emotional & requested to leave the stone hitter from police custody. Then fans chanted VTEN...VTEN..Tears came out from tghe eyes of VTEN. Previously he was hit by stone in chitwan. This is how other well-known artists reacted to VTEN events

Famous Nepali rapper Uniq poet (Utsaha Joshi) writes :I feel sorry for the guy who threw the stone. It was New Years. He should've been blissed out by himself counting all his blessings and enjoying the music. Jealousy and hatred is a weak man's disease, period. And on the other hand, Vten chose forgiveness. Mero bhai, Samir Ghising, you are a G.O.D in my book.

Summer Love Actress Namrata Sapkota & Cinepati news reporter Barsha basnet wrote that an artist who goes to share love to fans get hits by stone & bricks. Can a fan be happy seeing a tear in artists face ?

Nepsydaz rapper Manash Ghale writes: VTEN Samir Ghising bhai is a gem for Nephop and the hiphop culture, tyo kura bujhi rakh tori ho ! You dont know nothing about him, dont judge him by the songs that he makes.. he is just tryin to entertain you and your sorry ass ...Dhunga hanne awtari , jungle ma basne badar haru ... kalakar lai durbewahar garne paaji haru mero k**a khaa !!!

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