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VTEN again hit by stone in concert at Pokhara , becomes emotional (With Video)

Emerging Nepali rapper Samir Ghising aka VTEN again got attacked in pokhara. This is the second time that he got hit by fan . Previously he was attacked by fans in chitwan concert. This time he got hit by stone in a new year eve concert 2019 at Pokhara. He was speaking few lines but suddenly got hit by fans from the crowd. Then VTEN got angry and became aggresive but the organiser convinced him.According to organiser the man who hit stone was caught by police . VTEN then became emotional & requested to leave the stone hitter from police custody. Then fans chanted VTEN...VTEN..Tears came out from tghe eyes of VTEN. Previously he was hit by stone in chitwan.

Ghising started his career with the song Churot that song gave his a big name in Nep-hop industry.Then his Manchhe Khattam song also got lots of good reviews. Then his simsime pani song went viral & controversal. He is regarded the rising star of nep-hop & expected to follow the line of popular rapper Aashish Rana. Is there lots of hater of VTEN to hit stone or is there someone who is trying to pull the legs of VTEN. Feel Free to comment Watch full video here

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