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People curious to know the unknown character 'Ramesh uncle ko chhoro', Does he really exist ?

It takes lots of years for people to become famous. Some people even crosses the ethical limit to become famous.But there is one unknown character called 'Ramesh Uncle ko chhoro in Nepal who is famous in social media & now even new slang is created due to this unknown character. No one knows who is he,how he looks , he really exists or not except the one person that is Mr.Lekh Mani Trital. NepGasm a stand up comedy show in youtube introduced the stand up comedian Lekh Mani Trital 10 months ago. Lekh Mani Trital then described about his best friend 'Ramesh Uncle ko chhoro' and does mimicry of him in newari tone.
 According to Trital, Ramesh Uncle ko chhoro (name not revealed yet) is an weed addicted young boy who is always busy in his own world. Trital uses his name and mimicry to satire the politics,society,system & many other variables. Due to the well presentation of Lekhmani Trital the unknown character Ramesh Uncle ko Chhoro became viral over the internet. Now people started using slang of 'Ramesh Uncle ko Chhoro' to the people who consume weeds. Due to this character Lekhmani Trital is now highly demanded standup comedian of Nepal. Fans are now curious to know the unknown man & demanding trital to reveal the name.
Does this character really exist ?
Many of the people claims that Ramesh Uncle ko chhoro is Lekmani himself and many of the people say that its just a imaginery character created by Lekh Mani Trital to entertain people.We can also say that it might be a fictional character created by Trital to make presentation easy by making a coversation between him & his friend. :P . But the real answer to this question can only be given by one person that is Lekh Mani himself .

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