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Kali's Insta ko photo found translated & copied from Carla Bruni's Song (With Video )

Trending Nepali song Insta ko photo was able to win the heart of youngsters & most of the people appreciated team for the wonderful creation. This song was composed by Kali Prashad Baskota & also the lyrics is from Kali Prashad Baskota & produced by G21 Digital. But this song's lyrics completely matches with the French song Quelqu'un m'a dit by Carla Bruni. Insta ko photo team has just translated the lyrics into Nepali & even music looks similar but they have not given any credit or written inspired by Carla Bruni in any portion of the video. This is an unethical activity done by Insta Ko photo team.
 Another astonishing thing is that Insta ko photo just removed the beautiful cover of 'Insta ko photo' reply video by Eleena Chauhan from youtube claiming the copyright. This case made them more disputed & now the things are getting even worse as Kali Prashad Baskota is one of the renowned singer of Nepal & Fans does not expect such unethicacl activity from him.
It was good for Nepali music industry to have such a beautiful song but the team should have at least said that they were inspired by the french song.Here is the English Translation of French Quelqu'un m'a dit song from which Kali Prashad was inspired.

Someone Told Me
I'm told that our lives aren't worth very much
They pass in an instant like fading roses
I'm told that coats are made from our sorrows
However, someone told me...
That you still love me
Someone has told me, that you still love me
Could it be possible?
I'm told that destiny mocks us well and good
That it gives us nothing and yet promises all
It looks as though happiness is at hand
So we reach out and find ourselves going mad
However, someone told me...
But who is it that told me you still love me?
I don't remember any more, it's late at night
I still hear the voice, but I no longer see the features
"He loves you, it's secret, don't tell him I told you"
You see, someone told me....
That you still love me, I was truthfully told...
That you still love me, but could it be possible?

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