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Youngest Captain of World Cricket, Know why the 7 years old is given this role

Melbourne: A seven-year-old boy will be playing the role of the Australian captain in the third Test cricket between Australia and India. Cricket Australia has announced that the seven-year-old boy is given the captain's responsibility in the third Test of the Indo-European Cricket Board. The third Test between Australia and India is going on in the Melbourne Cricket Ground on Wednesday.
In the same test, Archi Chillar, seven-year-old boy, will be playing the role of captain. With the regular captain Tim Pine, Archi will jointly carry the captain's responsibility. Virat Kohli will be led by the Indian team in the 'Boxing Day' Test that starts on Christmas tomorrow. After the Australian Aussie's announcement, Archi has now shocked the media in the media.
The regular captain of the Australian team, Pine, has also confirmed this news. Actually, Archi is suffering from heart disease since early age. Many times he has had severe heart surgery. When Archi was only three months, the doctor discovered that he had a problem with heart disease. After seven hours Archi's heart surgery was done. Six months later, Archi's heart beat was seen again and he spent a long time in the hospital.

Archi's Open Heart was last surged for the last time in December 2017. At that time, doctors indicated that Archi's parents could also suffer from the results of the operation. Archi's mother and father are also hurt due to the pain caused by her son's ages. 'Before doing the last surgery, the doctor suggested that we should be ready to face any situation. We have been suffering from the pain we have experienced for our son, 'Archki's mother said. Shortly ago, Archi's father had asked about his dream. At that time Archi had told that he had a dream to lead the Australian cricket team as captain. After completing the news in different media about his disease and dream, Archi has become the captain of the Australian team to complete the same dream in the third Test of India.Archi is a crazy cricket fan. However, due to serious heart problems, his dream of playing cricket can not be fulfilled. He can not play or run long time with his own friends.

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  1. Haha this kid is so cute. Hoping to see him in t10 Matches too in November.

  2. wow very interesting article also the kid is very cute :D Hope to see in the PSL 2020