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The Story Behind The Song Najeek Bartika Eam Rai


Bartika grew up in Lalitpur, Nepal and pursued music informally from the age of 6. At around 11 years of age, she was already performing in small crowds. She recorded a number of children's songs and was trained by Shreeti Pradhan, Upendra Lal Singh, Roshan Sharma, John Shrestha and Gurudev Kaam.

 It was only after moving to the United States that she began to pursue music professionally as a career. After moving to New York City in 2015, Rai began to work with the Nepali-American musician Diwas Gurung, previously of the Ithaca-based progressive rock outfit, Ayurveda.In 2015, they began work on what would become Bimbaakash, a six-song EP, with Rai writing and composing the songs while Gurung produced.


The story Behind the song Najeek.

At 2015 December Bartika was on her Holiday at New York. She was waiting tables at New York, she used to have 12-14 hours duty. There was a 19 years old boy in the same place where she used to work and she was 24. The 19 Years old boy decided to confess Bartika that he was in love with her. Bartika was amazed to hear that a 19 years old boy was in love with her. There was a kind of age gap between Bartika & that boy. For Bartika that boy was like a brother and there was never a love kind of feeling for him and she was so surprised to hear that the boy was in love with her. Even though that love story didn't continued, after that incident she realized that when we grow up we use to filter our emotions. Whenever that boy met Bartika he always used to mention that 'your eyes are so pretty' so after that compliments Bartika wrote song Najeek. She has also mentioned that compliments in her lyrics "Mera aakha nai sabai vanda ramra vaye jasto Bekamfuse guff nagara na ae".


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