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Manang Marsyangdi wins Pulsar 'A' Division league without a single loss or draw

Manang Marsyangdi breaks their own record of highest trophy by winning Pulsar 'A' Division league 2075. Manang Marsyangdi defeated the second team Sankata to win the league with 2 matches remaining . Witrh this Manang Marsyangdi has now 8 League titles .
There is a special nickname for a team that remains unbeaten in whole season that is 'The Invincibles'.Team with no loss in nations league will be recorded in the invincibles list of world football. Arsenal is one of the perfect example of the invincibles. Even the teams like Barcelona,Man Utd etc are unable to become invincibles in their nations league. Only 40 european teams have been able to record their name in the invincibles list.There is less than 18 fixtures for a team in Nepal's league so FIFA has given less importance to Pulsar Marty's Memorial A Division League.
 Manang Marsyangdi has won 11/11 games in ongoing Pulsar Marty's Memorial 'A' divison league & they are at the top of table with 33 points. If they won remaining 3 matches then they will not only make the national record but also the international record of 100% win which is very rare and only few teams were able to get such success. The league winner of Nepal will qualify for the qualifiers of AFC cup. Now the remaining three matches of Manang Marsyangdi can be named as 'Agni Parichya' as they remains close to national & International records & one mistake can blew away all their dreams.

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