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A Nepali housewife who made a few lakhs shares 'a few crore', The strategy is not less than any expert

Kathmandu. Resident of Naikap Laxmi Parajuli(Paudel)has 14 years experience in teaching field.She was teaching at the boarding school in Pokhara and Kathmandu,. After the less interest in teaching she started cottage industry in which she gave employment to 6 people. Due to lack of manpower she cant continue her noodle industry. With the idea of ​​doing something during theleisure time, she entered the market taking the training from market analyst Rabindra Bhattarai.After selling the land in pokhara she started investing in shares.She entered in secondary market by buying 100 shares of Nabil Bank,Everest Bank & SBI bank.She said that at the same time, the IPO of Mithila Laghubitta opened at that time & got 13 of the shares in the name of 4 families.
As a housewife and share-investor, Parajuli has been making plans to become active in other areas as parttime.She has proven herself as a rich investor on a short-term journey of five years, and has also raised the expenditure of her home & children's education . Parajuli claims that she is able to send some money to her son studying electronic engineer and daughter biomedical engineering by selling her shares.Talking about the regulatory body focusing on the issues,she said that concerned authority should stop the misleading information and avoid misconduct, and should be strictly regulated, and strict measures should be taken.Share market is secured than other field & if we have good knowledge about market than we can become crorepati claims Parajuli .
Ariticle Refrence : Bizshala.com

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