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Top Nepali Essential Mobile Apps Which Makes Your Daily Life Easy

Technology sector in Nepal is growing day by day. Few years back there were very few Nepali apps in app store but the time has changed. Now there are more than thousand Nepali apps in both Android & IOS Store. Some of the developers have made very impressive UI's whereas some apps have very poor UI. 

So here are some of the essential apps of Nepal.


Thuprai is the platform for those who are interested in reading novels & book. Thousands of  Nepali & international e-books are available in this app. Also it delivers paper book in your location. It accepts eSewa, Ime Pay & Khalti for payment.It has 10K+ downloads in playstore & is available for both Android & IOS.

Nepali Paisa

Nepali paisa is very much needed app if you are stock investor and also if you are just a IPO investor. It gives all the information about the listed companies of  Nepse, Daily market price etc. It also shows IPO, FPO & Right share results. It has over 100k+ downloads and is available in both Android & IOS.

Nepal Electricity Authority

Nepal Electricity Authority is app where you can get self meter reading facility, electricity bill payment option as well as bill inquiry. If you have busy life and if your house door will be locked for meter reading then this app will help you read and submit your meter reading to Nepal Electricity Authority.

Chalachitra TV 

If you are Nepali movie lover then this app will let you watch new Nepali movies which have recently released. As it is newly released app there are currently very few movies and we can expect more movies in coming days. It accepts wallet payment.

Daraz App 

Daraz is leading ecommerce of Nepal. In this app we can order online goods using various online payment methods and we can also use cash on delivery method. Even if you dont like online shopping then you can use this app to know the price range of certain product as it has large varieties of products.

Connect IPS 

Connect IPS is emerging financial app of Nepal. Through this app you can transfer funds from one bank to another in real-time. There are also various government payments available and this app is becoming even more useful than mobile banking app due to its cheaper rates, easy to use & security authentication.

Hamro Patro 

Hamro Patro is most downloaded nepali app. With over 5 million downloads Hamro Patro is the most essential app in Nepal . From this app you can view Nepali Calender, convert the date, create your own kundali, read news, view daily stock & gold rates and many more stuffs are available. It is available in both android and IOS platforms. 

Nepali Driving License (By Yarsa Games)

If you are preparing to get driving license for any category then this app is very useful. In this app there is virtual driving test where you can virtually drive Bike, Car & Bus so that you wont make minor mistakes in real driving test. Written examination solutions can also be found here and it has over 1 million downloads. Also available in all platforms.

Constitution of Nepal

Ignorantia juris non excusat ie ignorance of law is no excuse. Its a citizen's responsibility to know the law of a country. So in this app we can read all the sections and provision of constitution of Nepal.

Lagani App

This app is useful for keeping portfolio information of the purchased stock with free of cost. this app has very good UI and it is easy to keep portfolio and keep track of watchlist shares.It is available only in Android Platform.


Pathao is top ride sharing app of Nepal. We can book ride by using this app Pathao rider will arrive at your place to pick you. We can also book a taxi using this app.It is available for both Playstore & App Store

Other Common Essential Apps

There are other common essential apps like for wallet IME Pay, eSewa & Khalti are used. All commercial banks have their own mobile banking apps which can be used to transfer fund and pay utility bills. Nepali dictionary is also useful app for searching words and finally foodmandu app for delivering food at your doorsteps..

If any essential apps are missed then feel free to comment below.

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