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Nepal grabs historical success in ongoing SAG Games, Latest update and history .

Nepal stands at the top of table in a SAG Game medal tally with 14 Gold medals. This is a historic success and Nepal may break the record of 2006 SAG Games where they have won 15 medals. Nepal used to be very poor in the SAG Games but this year they have already grabbed 14 Golds in first day and there are still lots of category where nepal have pocket medals in their hands.Maximum Gold won by Nepal today are from Taekwondo.
The Historical Stats of Nepal are as follows
2016 : 3 Gold Medals
2010:  8 Gold Medals
2006:  15 Gold Medals
2004:  7 Gold Medals
1999:  32 Gold Medals(2nd Position)
1995: 4 Gold Medals
1993: 1 Gold Medals
1991: 2 Gold Medals
1989: 1 Gold Medals
1987: 2 Gold Medals
1985: 1 Gold Medals
1984: 4 Gold Medals

Latest Update
For Latest update and Gold medalist click here

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