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Cartoonz crew controversy : Duo vs Squad Debate , Solo Beest again dissapointed !

Cartoonz crew a famous dancing crew & studio again came to controversy after the acting member Lakpa D Lama released the video  claiming that he left cartoonz crew as he felt like a background dancer , some financial reason and arrogant leadership. After the video of Lakpa D lama Cartoonz crew leader Saroj Adhikari and Aashma released another video saying that Lakpa and other member has left the crew and they were given all the payments which they deserved. The controversy doesnot ends here but instead it comes to the peak after the new video released by the 4 ex-cartoonz crew members claiming that they were treated so unfairly by the leader and were not given enough payment which they deserved and they also said that  Saroj & Aashma were always the frontliner and they were always kept in background which was totally unjustice as they were a team members. They further explained that Saroj used to have difficulties during practice so he used to change the dance steps due to his difficulties. Lots of screenshots are shared which shows the ego and attitudes of Saroj towards formed leader Sabin Beest. And finally Saroj releases the video of disspointment and explaines that the words said by ex-members are lies and says that he will again start journey from the beginning .  This video war is still expected to continu as matter has not been solved yet.

Sabin Karki (Beest) again dissapointed. 
The controversy between former leader Beest and founder Saroj Adhikari was already sort out but the screenshots revealed by 4 ex-members  between them and saroj shows Saroj's controversial claim against Sabin.Even though the chat was 3years older it shows the backbiting of  Saroj towards Sabin.Saroj has written to Subin that Beest has invested money earned from crew in Stock and got 1.5 Lakhs in return"1.5 lakh ko share parisakyo tesle" This claimes looks so much illogical and manipulative as stock market does not work like as he claimed and no one can earn 1.5 Lakh in years just by alloting IPO in lottery and in secondary market also its too hard in NEPSE to earn 1.5 Lakhs just by investing few lakhs . Beest has shown his dissapointment in his social media story.

Details to follow
Reasonal Video Link of Ex Members
Video Link of Saroj Adhikari Leader

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