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Beest, Lazy or Busy ?

It's been a long time viral artist Sabin Karki aka Beest has been inactive. Most of his viedo went viral on youtube also his vines got lots of positive reaction. He has huge fan following & he is loved by most of the people who knows him.Sabin Karki (Beest) has done lots of choreography that wen't viral. Jaalma cover, Funtastic Choreography & Viral Bhaidiyo are the unforgettable choreography done by Beest. Beest is also famous for making vines. All of the choreography of  Beest has become hit in youtube. But nowadays fans are dissapionted not to see any new choreography and vines.

Lazy or Busy ?
Its been a year Beest saying he is working on new project but his new project has not been released yet . In few interview's he said that his only cameraman his brother Sanjay Karki is busy in his studies & due to exams he is unable to shoot videos. But now its been too long wait & fans are loosing patience.Few behind the scenes of his new projects are seen in Tik tok app but he has not fixed the date to release his new video. Beest seems hardworking artist so we can't add lazy tag in his name.His concepts are excellent & worth watching. But his inactive status could keep him in verge of extinction in competitive industry as lots of dancing crews are hitting the youtube Sabin might loose his valuable fans so he needs to be in track as soon as possible.
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