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Top 5 Dance Crews of Nepal in 2018

Dance crews in Nepal are emerging day by day . Various crews have taken nepali choreography to next level.Dancing Music videos used to lack good concept & good choreography but now the time has changed .Sabin Karki (Beest) is the unforgettable name for the increased standard of Nepali dance as his two choreography went viral than the original one and has motivated various other crews to enter in this field. 2018 has been the golden era for dancing crews in Nepal Vibes & Waves came out of syllabus to compete with the monopoly popular crew of Nepal ie Cartoonz Crew which made fans more entertained. Dancing franchaise reality show boogie woogie also came in hype and got the lady winner. So According to the survey ,performance & personal views following are the top 5 dancing crews of Nepal.
  5. Bhimphedi Guys: 5th number starts with Bhimphedi Guys the underdog dancing crews of Nepal . They are seen in various music videos & sometimes in their own official video they are hardworking crews. They got media attention from very long time ago but due to lack of some good concepts they are struggling to came in competition. The leader of Bhimphedi guys is Nirmal Lama . They have 180,000+ subscribers.
 4.The Next : The next are the Australian residing dancing crew of Nepal . They make videos in australia . The next are  popular worldwide in Tik Tok (App). They got media attention after the cover of Jaalma & they now make their own official videos. Leader of this crew is Pradeep Lama.
3. Beest Choreography :
Though they publish videos very late and are inactive . They cant be underrated as Sabin Karki (Beest) has done lots of choreography that wen't viral. Jaalma cover, Funtastic Choreography & Viral Bhaidiyo are the unforgettable choreography done by Beest. Beest is also famous for making vines. All of the choreography of  Beest has become hit in youtube. But nowadays fans are dissapionted not to see any new choreography.
2. Cartoonz Crew : Cartoonz Crew is ruling the industry for more than 5 years . Even after the resignation of leader Sabin Karki (Beest), Saroj Adhikari led the crew and ruled the dancing videos on youtube for couple of years & still their video comes number 1 in trending list when they publish videos. Their crew member Aashma Biswakarma's Dame Tu Cosita challenge went famous all over the world. Most of the artists have kept cartoonz crew in first priority for the shooting of their music video .
1. Vibes & Waves Dance Studio : 
In overall Cartoonz crew might have ruled the dancing music videos but if we have to choose the best in 2018 than we cant deny the fact that Vibes & Waves was also the best this year . They got attention form the cover of Deepak Bajracharya's hit song Man Magan which went viral. After that they again prooved themselves from cover of Mayako Dorile. Rayban Chasma,Barikha,Najik Najik & their new video Oye also got hit this year & their dancing studios video are also being liked by people. Rahul Shah is the leader of this group. Sunil Chettri & Alisha Sharma has also played the big role for making vibes & waves succesful

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